Bursarial Services


Schools Financial Value Standards, this service is designed to enable schools to comply with Department for Education (DFE) and audit requirements and provide a capacity for developing effective policies, procedures and practices. We have local knowledge and a good understanding of school funding and will be able to support schools response to assessment issues. Our accountants have several years of experience in successfully supporting and assessing schools to achieve the standard.


Our accountants have extensive school experience. Some of our accountants have worked in schools on a Finance Director level for over 15 years With the responsibility of; Human Resources, Premises, IT, Finance and School business management.

If your school is struggling to fill a permanent position we can help run the school on an interim basis. Give us a call today.

Our main objectives are:

  • To provide daily bursarial services, budget preparation and monitoring
  • To attend governors meeting and help present financial information
  • Provide audits and internal risk assessment
  • To support school staff and governing bodies in the achievement of the standard
  • To support schools in benchmarking and achieving best value
  • To keep schools informed of changes in financial regulations and DFE requirements
  • To check policies for compliance
  • To diagnose strengths and areas of development
  • To provide examples of good practice

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